We’re crazy about our pupusas – if you’ve never had one, you’ve never lived!

Our delicious range of pupusas includes fillings of cheese with pork or beans. We also do a pupusa with cheese and loroco, or cheese and pumpkin. Then there is our Loca’s Special with cheese, beans, pork and pumpkin all together. Yum!

We also serve a wide range of other traditional El Salvadorian dishes. Take our Desayuno Tipico, which consists of scrambled eggs, fried beans and plantain, two tortillas, Salvadoran cheese, and cream. Or how about Huevos Rancheros – two eggs topped with our ranchero sauce, served with fried beans, cheese and two tortillas.

In addition, we serve several soups, such as Mariscada – a seafood soup made with tilapia, crab, mussels, seafood mix, and served with two tortillas.

Try our wonderful salads, like our grilled chicken salad. This is served with fresh iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber, topped with grilled chicken breast, and served with your choice of our ranchero dressing or Caesar dressing.

We could go on and on, so check out the full menu!

When you dine at La Pupusa Loca, we guarantee service with a smile and a wide choice of specialty dishes to tempt your taste buds. Trust us: once you’ve tried one of our pupusas, you will be coming back for more!